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The Beatles After The Break-Up 1970-2000
Keith Badman
První vydání: 2000, Omnibus


Shout! The True Story Of The Beatles
Philip Norman
První vydání: 2011, Pan Macmillan


Beatles pro pamětníky
Jiří Černý, Robert Pavelka
První vydání: 2015


Revolution In The Head
Ian MacDonald

studie skladeb Beatles


The True Story Of The Beatles
Billy Shepherd


The Beatles Book
Norman Parkinson a Maureen Cleave


A Cellarful Of Noise
Brian Epstein


The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night
John Burke


Love Me Do: The Beatles' Progress
Michael Braun


The Beatles In Help
Al Hine


The Beatles: Words Without Music
Rick Friedman


Get Back
Ethan Russell



Apple To The Core: The Unmaking Of The Beatles
Peter McCabe a Robert D. Schonfeld


The Longest Cocktail Party
Richard DiLello


As Time Goes By: Living In The Sixties
Derek Taylor


Twilight Of The Gods: The Beatles In Retrospect
Wilfred Mellers


The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away
Allan Williams


The Beatles: An Illustrated Record
Roy Carr a Tony Tyler


All Together Now: The First Complete Beatles Discography 1961-1975
Harry Castleman a Walter J. Podrazik


The Beatles: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Rochelle Larkin


The Boys From Liverpool: John, Paul, George, Ringo

Nicholas Schaffner


The Beatles Apart
Bob Woffinden


All You Needed Was Love: The Beatles After The Beatles
John Blake


The Long And Winding Road: A History Of The Beatles On Record
Neville Stannard


With The Beatles: The Historic Photographs
Dezo Hoffman



Working Class Heroes: The History Of The Beatles' Solo Recordings
Neville Stannard


The Beatles: An Illustrated Diary
H.V. Fulpen


The Love You Make: An Insider's Story Of The Beatles
Peter Brown a Steven Gaines


John Ono Lennon 1967-1980
Ray Coleman


John Winston Lennon 1940-1966
Ray Coleman


The End Of The Beatles
Harry Castleman and Wally Podrazik


Beatle! The Pete Best Story
Pete Best a Patrick Doncaster


The Beatles Live
Mark Lewisohn


Yesterday: The Beatles Remembered
Alistair Taylor


The Beatles: 25 Years In The Life
Mark Lewisohn


Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary
Tim Riley


Brian Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles
Ray Coleman


The Beatles Album File And Complete Discography
Jeff Russell


How They Became The Beatles: A Definitive History Of The Early Years 1960-1964
Gareth L. Pawlowski


Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Story Of The Abbey Road Years
Mark Lewisohn


Speak Words Of Wisdom: Reflections On The Beatles
Spencer Leigh


The Complete Beatles Chronicle
Mark Lewisohn


Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia
Bill Harry


Tomorrow Never Knows: Thirty Years Of Beatles Music & Memorabilia
Geoffrey Giuliano


The Summer Of Love
George Martin


A Hard Day's Write
Steve Turner


Revolution In The Head: The Beatles Records And The Sixties
Ian MacDonald


Alan Clayson a Pauline Sutcliffe


The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Beatles
John Robertson


The Beatles' London
Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn a Adam Smith


A Day In The Life: The Music And Artistry Of The Beatles
Mark Hertsgaard


The Beatles: Not For Sale
Jim Belmo


The Encyclopedia Of Beatles People
Bill Harry


Beatles - From Cavern To Star Club
Hans Olaf Gottfridsson


The Beatles Movies
Bob Neaverson


Beatles Undercover
Kristofer Engelhardt


Drummed Out! The Sacking Of Pete Best
Spencer Leigh


The Beatles: Inside The One And Only Lonely Hearts Club Band
David Pritchard a Alan Lysaght


The Beatles After The Break-Up: 1970-2000
Keith Badman


The Rocking City: The Explosive Birth Of The Beatles
Sam Leach


The Beatles' Story On Capitol Records: Beatlemania & The Singles
Bruce Spizer


The Beatles Off The Record
Keith Badman


The Beatles In Rishikesh
Paul Saltzman


The Quarrymen
Hunter Davies


The Beatles: The Dream Is Over
Keith Badman


Beatles '65
Joseph A. Tunzi


Revolution: The Making Of The Beatles' White Album
David Quantick


The Beatles On Apple Records
Bruce Spizer


When We Was Fab
Astrid Kirchherr


The Beatles Come To America
Martin Goldsmith


The British Invasion: How The Beatles And Other UK Bands Conquered America
Bill Harry


The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook The World
Paul Trynka


Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles
Tony Bramwell


The Beatles: The Biography
Bob Spitz


Here, There And Everywhere: My Life Recording The Music Of The Beatles
Geoff Emerick


Revolver: The Secret History Of The Beatles
Geoffrey Giuliano


The Unreleased Beatles
Richie Unterberger


Northern Songs: The True Story Of The Beatles' Song Publishing Empire
Brian Southall a Rupert Perry


John Lennon Called Me Normal
Norman Smith


Can't Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain And America
Jonathan Gould


A Day In The Life: Photographs Of The Beatles
Michael Ward



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Beatles everywhere - Encyklopedie Beatles

Možná jsem přehlédla, ale podle mě tady ještě chybí Encyklopedie Beatles (Bill Harry)... A zároveň se chci zeptat, jestli ji někdo nemá, (za ty prachy se chci raději ujistit) - je dobrá? Předem díky.

Carlos - Re: Encyklopedie Beatles

Najdeš ji zhruba uprostřed seznamu - Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia. Osobně ji sice nevlastním, ale podle všeho by měla patřit k tomu lepšímu, co bylo o Beatles sepsáno.


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